Character Education Assembly

Perfect Human Project

What do you get when you combine The Soozi Show with Annie Banannie, Balloon Storyteller?

You get Southern California's zaniest Character Education Assembly!

Here's little video for ya!

As everything falls apart and their Perfect Human isn't actually Perfect, they discover that even though humans can't be perfect, using the positive character traits to improve is a great idea.

After adopting the new motto "I'm not perfect, but I can be the best me I can be," Dr. Annie and Dr. Soozi attempt to put the character words they've discovered onto one big Giant Balloon so they can always remember them.

The Show

Two bumbling "scientists" set out to create the "Perfect Human" using positive character traits and BALLOONS!  Dr. Annie is determined to get on with the experiments while Dr. Soozi - um - gets distracted a lot.

Of course, things go hilariously wrong, because humans can't be perfect.

The astonished audience watches the Giant 6-Foot Balloon inflate, and we know this will not go as planned ….

We won't give away the ending that easily - you'll have to see the show!


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